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WHAT IS A LITERATURE REVIEW OF DISSERTATION? When it comes to composing a literature review, the first desire is to go and look for an example, but in order to understand the specifics of creating such work, it is important to clarify the difference between this kind of academic writing and a research paper.The key purpose of every research paper is to present an original argument, while creating a review basically means generalizing and synthesizing thoughts and conclusions of other people without an aim to come up with any original arguments.

Nevertheless, such work can exist as part of a research paper so that the arguments could become stronger, more persuasive Need to get astronomy laboratory report 8 pages / 2200 words Rewriting Academic double spaced.Nevertheless, such work can exist as part of a research paper so that the arguments could become stronger, more persuasive.

Reviews often provide an amazing opportunity to re-evaluate information that has already been analyzed in the past and find the most useful subject-specific sources.THE IMPORTANCE OF WRITING A LITERATURE REVIEW FOR A DISSERTATION There is not only one but several reasons why this chapter is important 11 Apr 2016 - The course directory provides a list of all face-to-face courses run for doctoral researchers by the IAD.   'Just Write' will provide you with a quiet space to focus exclusively on your writing.   Booking is required in order to receive the workshop link and further information about how to join the session..THE IMPORTANCE OF WRITING A LITERATURE REVIEW FOR A DISSERTATION There is not only one but several reasons why this chapter is important.First of all, such pieces of custom writing summarize the main points of a particular field of study so that it is convenient to look for the necessary material.Therefore, if you do not really have much time to investigate a particular topic, such type of work can provide you with a brief summary of information that you need to complete your assignment and actually help to build a great foundation for a professional work.

Besides, composing a work that is long and thorough, points out that its creator surely knows how to make a good dissertation since he or she has professional skills.Needless to say, knowing the basics of creating the literature review part is crucial for everyone who is involved in academic writing.Of course, getting such custom papers done is not an easy task to perform, and therefore some people prefer to look for professional dissertation literature review writing services.Our company is always ready to provide you with a great custom service so that you could buy an excellent work whenever you need one.

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We guarantee that personal information will remain confidential and you will be satisfied with the dissertation literature review help provided.Place Order TIPS ON CONDUCTING A LITERATURE REVIEW There are certain things regarding the completion of this part, which have to be carefully considered.First of all, before getting down to work, you will have to find and process a large number of relevant sources and decide which ones fit your topic and, therefore, should be selected for your project.Taking advantage of the Internet, one may easily access the myriad of sources without a need to go to the library.However, more often than not, such accessibility of information does not guarantee that the information presented is trustworthy.

That is to say, you cannot know for sure if the facts presented, or the claims made by an author are accurate.Hence, you may retrieve materials only form the credible websites, which offer only reputable materials.One more problem is that the information available yesterday may not be available today.Nonetheless, the Internet is always up-to-date, so can always find there the most recent research works.At this very time, do not neglect the importance of libraries as they have copies of rare academic journals and books, which are not available online.

You may find there a database of textbooks, journal articles, newspaper articles, magazines features, reports, etc.But the most relevant sources for writing the literature review are the journal articles, and you will have to, first of all, observe the most recent publications related to your field of study.It is also important to determine the most convenient way for processing the literature.It is recommended to summarize each source separately, reference it accurately, and after that, group the sources thematically.One has to pay particular attention to the paper format required.

Each educational facility has its own preferred formatting style.Thus, make sure to check which one you have to use before starting this chapter and always cite each reference in the process of writing as it will facilitate the completion of the reference list.To make sure you have completed this chapter successfully, ask yourself the questions listed below.If they all are positive, the chapter most likely has been carried out correctly.Are the selected literature sources relevant to the topic of the paper? Have all the key research works been mentioned and cited appropriately? Do the literature works support your thesis statement and conduce the justification of the research objectives? Have all the research questions been answered, so there are no gaps in your review? Have your study managed to fill the gap in previous research works? BENEFITS OF OUR CUSTOM WRITING SERVICE If you need any help with writing a dissertation literature review, you can always turn to our professional academic writing services.

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Every single customer is treated with respect and courtesy.The company provides you with high-quality custom dissertation help since we care for your academic success.Therefore, we make sure that our specialists avoid using overused sources of information.All the content we produce is 100% free of plagiarism because the specialists we cooperate with always get your custom papers written from scratch.BUY A LITERATURE REVIEW FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE When you require assistance with composing a review or any other kind of custom written paper, the Pro-Papers academic writing service is considered to be one of the best to refer to.

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As a result, it is more than possible to order high-quality custom writing help at a budget-friendly price.Now you are standing at the threshold of a new milestone in your life, so don't be shy, make a step forward and live to the fullest!and we will get a price for you.Our Team We have more than 1500 professional academic writers working for us, and are constantly hiring new academic specialists.The writers included on the website are therefore only a small but representative sample.

To get a better idea of the vast range of subjects we cover take a look on our expertise page, where you will also find subject-specific essay writing advice.Names may have been changed for anonymity.CHRISTINE SWANLEY SOCIAL SCIENCES My background in politics, economics and international affairs has given me the extensive experience to be able to write thought provoking pieces that would inspire and lead to new insights that may have not been previously considered in these academic fields.As a result of the overlap in these subjects, my knowledge also gives me leverage to write about historical topics and other subjects in the humanities.


With a BSc (Hons) in Geography and an MSc in Climate Change and Risk Management, I have obtained a wide range of expertise within the Earth Sciences and Environmental research.I have completed two research Dissertations within Paleoecology and Abrupt Climate Change Oscillations.I have contributed to environmental research on past environmental archives and completed a range of scientific analysis.My academic and research experiences provide me with a clear understanding of the requirements of academic work from A-Level to Master’s Degree level.I know what is necessary to achieve strong grades and academic success.

I will assist in communicating the best ways to present and format your research.PETER ERAMUS SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH METHODS; CRIMINOLOGY, PRISONS AND PRISONER EDUCATION I have been involved in various research projects including an interdisciplinary study.I have extensive research, essay and report writing skills.I have regularly performed proofreading tasks for a wide range of subjects including but not limited to Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Law.MARK DAN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES AND MANAGEMENT Having been engaged in numerous research and scientific publications, I am deemed competent in my field.

I am also involved in research fellowship having completed a PhD in Environmental Sciences.I have also been involved in international research involving conservation and management. I have excellent skills in the physical and social sciences, and have produced science articles.Indeed, publication has become part of my lifestyle.Part of my job also involves quantitative environmental monitoring, reporting and auditing.

I have also produced various officials Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).Life-sciences are not unrelated to my area, as the conservation of endangered species has been part of my job.MARK SMITH HISTORY; POLITICS, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, EDUCATION, ENGLISH I have recently been doing freelance writing for another company called The News Hub.I have a broad range of interests in History, Politics, English, International Relations and Education.My degree in History and Politics, as well as my History PGCE course, has enabled me to understand the requirements for a broad range of different academic essays and dissertations.

I would like to use this experience to my advantage by bringing these skills to Essay Writing Service UK.LUCY CLARK PSYCHOLOGY; SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, ABNORMAL, HEALTH AND COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY I am a recent BSc (Honours) Psychology student with extensive experience of writing essays and Psychology reports.Throughout the years, I have mastered the skill of conveying knowledge and presenting information in a clear, concise, and coherent structure.I have thorough knowledge of numerous topics within Psychology such as Social, Developmental, Clinical Neuroscience, Abnormal, Health, and Counselling Psychology.I have experience of critically evaluating, analysing, and selecting relevant information for writing up essays and reports.

WILL JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS; POLITICS, HISTORY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES, MARKETING I am an experienced academic writer with a BA (Hons) in International Relations.I am a versatile writer who, because of my structured approach to assignments, can also write in a broad range of the social sciences and humanities.WILLIAM DAVIS HUMANITIES I am a published academic with a PhD in Film, Television and Media.Subjects in which I can assist include English Literature, History, Cultural Studies, and Film, Television and Media studies.I have also presented papers covering a wide variety of subjects at academic conferences throughout Europe.

I currently work as a private film and media studies tutor, and I also offer freelance proofreading and editing services.KATE STRAW CHEMISTRY; ANALYTICAL SCIENCE, PHOTON PHYSICS I have a MChem (First Class) with industrial experience specialising in Analytical Science.I have over 10 years research experience, covering subjects such as Synthesis of Bio-fuels using heterogeneous solid state catalysts, synthesis of perovskites with properties of colossal magneto resistance, carbon dioxide and alkanes as electron-sink and source in solar nano-cell. My research experience has given me a clear understanding of current academic requirements for student work at all levels.As a lecturer myself, I know what is expected from your essay or dissertation, and what is the best way to present your findings.

 I have also won many awards during my academic career including Lay summary writing winner 2010, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Manchester.GARETH HOWELL PSYCHOLOGY; SPSS, STATISTICS With a degree in Psychology, and postgraduate studies in career development, I have excellent knowledge of what is expected in Psychology essays and reports, and how knowledge of this can help gain future employment.Within Psychology, I am particularly adept at topics such as, language, memory, criminology, and psychopathology.Moreover, I have an excellent knowledge of the current research within the subject.Other areas to which I contribute include statistics, and SPSS.

STUART ATKINSON PHYSICS; SCIENCE, ASTROPHYSICS, SCIENCE JOURNALISM, SCIENCE EDUCATION I have a First Class Honours Degree in Physics and Astronomy from Cardiff University.My main focus was computational astrophysics and the simulation of galaxy formation, supernovas and dark matter.After graduation I spent six months at Edinburgh University in the supercomputing department learning and implementing computer languages to enable parallel processing simulations of nuclear energy release.I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, Media And Communication at Cardiff School of Journalism and Social Sciences.The course involved researching and reviewing scientific journalism in the general and specialised press.

It also involved analysis of how science is communicated to the public and the social impact of science and technology.HOLLIE FAWKE PSYCHOLOGY; STATISTICS, CRIMINOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL AND PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY, PSYCHOBIOLOGY, COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY With a broad background in a variety of topics, from Media and English to Psychology and Statistics, I consider myself an expert in providing powerful and persuasive written work.I have studied at undergraduate and postgraduate level and am due to undertake a Masters in Applied Criminology.I have had to produce a variety of different assignments over my academic career, including; scientific reports, essays, qualitative and quantitative analysis and also dissertations.

This experience has given me a clear indication as to what is expected from an undergraduate and postgraduate student.

BRUCE VEY SOCIAL SCIENCES; ARTS AND HUMANITIES I obtained both my degrees more than twenty years ago, which makes me feel old!My degrees are in the social sciences.I have, however, an extremely broad range of knowledge so I feel I could write essays on most of the arts and humanities.I have several years of experience when it comes to academic writing.I have even more experience as a blogger and copy writer.ELKA BEE ENGLISH LITERATURE; POSTCOLONIAL THEORY, MODERNIST LITERATURE, GEOGRAPHY With a PhD in English Literature and ten years of research experience, I consider myself an expert in the field of Joycean Literature, with specialist knowledge in the text of Finnegan’s Wake.

I am proficient and knowledgeable in the subject area of Postcolonial theory as this provided the theoretical basis of my research. My Master’s degree in Twentieth Century English Literature affords me a generic and broad-based knowledge of Modernist literature, including poetry. I am also able to assist with the subject of Geography, with a bias toward Development Studies, as I have practical research experience in the field of agricultural development in India. I have helped with essays in a diverse range of subjects, mainly in the field of literary and cultural analysis.MICHAEL JAMES SOCIAL SCIENCES; CRIMINOLOGY, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, POLICING, TERRORISM, TERRORISM STUDIES My main social science discipline is criminology and I have taught criminology/criminal justice in a part-time capacity within higher education for over fourteen years and in a full-time role for over eight years.

Prior to working full-time in academia, I completed a full and varied career as a police officer and retired as a middle manager.Consequently, I can apply considerable vocational experience to academic disciplines within criminology and criminal justice, together with a broad academic knowledge of policing and specific areas of expertise in relation to terrorism/intelligence studies. I have also co-authored academic publications in relation to policing/criminal justice/terrorism and continue to publish papers in professional journals in relation to policing.I regularly contribute to live radio programmes on matters relating to policing, terrorism and related matters. I am a fully qualified teaching practitioner within higher education and highly experienced in student assessment and providing written feedback to students studying in a distance-learning capacity.

JAMES GUNN MEDICINE; PHARMACY, PHARMACOLOGY, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, GENETICS, CHEMISTRY With a PhD in Molecular Bioscience and twenty years of research experience, I consider myself an expert in modern biological and chemical sciences.I also taught for eight years at a British university, covering subjects such as Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry, and Modern Analytical Methods.This experience has given me a clear understanding of current academic requirements for student work at all levels.As a former lecturer myself, I know what is expected from your essay or dissertation, and what is the best way to present your findings.PAIGE PETERSON MARKETING; PSYCHOLOGY, HUMANITIES, MARKETING AND BUSINESS I hold a first class Joint Honours in Marketing and Psychology, graduating from the school of Business.

In addition to this I recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Health Psychology.This recent experience equips me to write essays for a wide range of subject areas including Psychology, Humanities, Marketing and Business.I am able to write in a number of different styles to suit the subject in question.AMANDA JONES LIVESTOCK SCIENCE; NUTRITION, PARASITOLOGY, BREEDING, ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY, DISEASE SCIENCE, VETERINARY MEDICINE, VETERINARY NURSING, MOLECULAR GENETICS My undergraduate training in Animal Science has furnished me with an in-depth knowledge of Livestock Science, Nutrition, Parasitology, Breeding, Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Science, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Nursing, and Molecular Genetics.I have broad research interests which I have been lucky enough to cultivate through postgraduate training in Animal Breeding, Quantitative Genetic Models, Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis.

PETER SMITH CONSULTANCY; DUE DILIGENCE, LAND DIVESTITURE, PETRO-CHEMICAL INDUSTRY With a great deal of academic and corporate experience, I have spent a large amount of time working within multi-disciplinary consultancies.During this period, my focus has covered a broad range of areas such as due diligence, land divestiture and purchasing.As well as this, I have an excellent understanding of the relevant industries, including petro-chemical, retail and leisure and regional/national government capital spending projects.With this knowledge in mind, the work I produce is always comprehensive and completed to the highest standard.ELOISE NAYLOR-JONES CAPITAL PROJECTS; CONSULTANCY, CONTRACTING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT As a Capital Projects Director, I have over twenty-five years’ experience in consultancy, contracting, sub-contracting and client-side project management.

This means that I am experienced in leading the delivery of a major (capital value £40m+), complex (e.variety of high level stakeholders) infrastructure/construction project, or a portfolio of projects - from feasibility to inception - in order to achieve desired outputs.My knowledge dictates that these projects are then completed within an agreed time frame, within budget, to specification and operational standards.With this understanding, my academic work is always well-informed.

ADAM DUFFY MEDICINE; HEALTH, PSYCHOLOGY, SPSS I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, and conducted two independent quantitative studies.Thanks to this academic experience, I have an excellent understanding of quantitative research methods and statistical analysis, as well as experience writing up results in a variety of formats, such as executive summaries, journal-style articles, and presentations.BOBBY OLLIFANT CORPORATE; RESEARCH, WRITING, ANALYSIS Educated to doctoral level, I have spent the past twenty years working as a freelance research and writing consultant.During this time, I have worked with many corporate clients, including television, radio, state and semi-state institutions.

A z course list the university of edinburgh

This work has provide invaluable experience of the particular demands and expectations of corporate clients and allowed me to better inform the wide range of academic writing which I am able to produce.

CARROLINE YOUNG CORPORATE RESEARCH; ECONOMICS, FINANCE, COMPANY ANALYSIS Having graduated with a BA distinction in Economics and MA distinction in Finance, I have built up a range of experience in the corporate world.This has involved assessing macroeconomics, analysing industry outlooks, and providing an objective assessment of a company’s potential earnings, its competitive position, and other factors Best websites to purchase an laboratory report astronomy A4 (British/European) University 4 days 90 pages / 24750 words.This has involved assessing macroeconomics, analysing industry outlooks, and providing an objective assessment of a company’s potential earnings, its competitive position, and other factors.

During my studies, I have produced high quality research that received impressive feedback from my module leader.This has provided me with a fantastic understanding of the expectations from corporate research; therefore, I am confident I can help you go through any research comprehensively.KATE TURNER TELECOMS; PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, USER EXPERIENCE, STRATEGY AND MARKETING Thanks to six years’ experience in software product development, I have earned a great understanding of product lifecycles, development processes and best practice scenarios We encourage you to develop these skills throughout your studies and expect them to become evident in your essays, laboratory reports,  conference  presentations and so on.   These hints were originally prepared by Mark Brummell to help students who were asked to write essays for the first year physics core courses..

KATE TURNER TELECOMS; PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, USER EXPERIENCE, STRATEGY AND MARKETING Thanks to six years’ experience in software product development, I have earned a great understanding of product lifecycles, development processes and best practice scenarios.

After completing my MBA, I have gained consulting experience.This involved research and analysis of communications technologies and their relevance to the consumer.Thanks to this range of business and academic experience, I now undertake corporate research in areas such as communications technology, product development operations and computing solutions for business workflow.ALEX SMITH PSYCHOLOGY; COUNSELLING, PSYCHOTHERAPY, CORPORATE APPLICATIONS With over fourteen years of counselling, psychotherapy and organisational psychology expertise, I have built an in-depth understanding of the developmental needs of individuals and organisations.

Because of this, I am particularly invested in the psychology of personnel assessment and selection, organisational behaviour and development, and employee training and relations.

As such, I can provide analyses and suggestions with regards to every element of the business world, from shop floor to CEO level, all informed by my academic and corporate background and experience.CATRIONA ROSEWOOD MEDIA; FUNDING APPLICATIONS, RESEARCH AND EVALUATION, SCRIPT WRITING I am a highly qualified researcher and writer, having graduated with a First Class BA in Broadcasting, MA in Creative Writing and a PhD focused on the impact of new media in creating pervasive experiences (Mixed Reality).With over twenty years’ experience in the media, I have experienced everything from scriptwriting (broadcast fiction and non-fiction) to creating case studies, feasibility studies, industry reports and project evaluations.As well as this, I have worked extensively as a Development Producer and have an excellent record of devising, developing and delivering successful funding applications for tourism, heritage and arts projects.BELLA LORD PUBLIC RELATIONS; TOURISM, FOOD AND WINE, HOSPITALITY Having spent fifteen years in the corporate world, specifically in public relations and the related fields, I have attained a huge amount of industry experience.

This knowledge pertains directly to the areas of hospitality, tourism, food and - in particular - wine, allowing me to achieve a WSET qualification.I studied the Anthropology of Food at Masters level, building on an undergraduate degree in English literature.This expertise has allowed me to publish eleven books with a range of publishers - including Hong Kong University Press – and has informed my twenty five years as a freelance journalist.ELIZABETH BLESSING COMPUTER SCIENCE; IT IN EDUCATION, STATISTICS, RESEARCH As a postgraduate researcher, I collected my MA in Computer Science and BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and Statistics, and am currently working towards my PhD.Now in my third year as a PhD student, I am preparing my PhD thesis, which will lead to nominal PhD registration.

In preparing, I have gained a fantastic understanding of; literature review and analysis, fieldwork experiments, data analysis and modelling, reporting and write-up.Before my PhD, I was a Computer Science lecturer covering subjects such as Systems Analysis and Design, Information and Systems Security, Software Engineering, Research Methods and Foundations of ICT.I also started a research section within the department.MARTINA STRIDE BUSINESS; PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, BIOCHEMISTRY, LITERATURE REVIEWS With an extensive academic background at a renowned London business school, I have gained a thorough awareness and understanding of issues relating to international business strategy, marketing, and financial systems.Prior to obtaining my postgraduate qualification, I successfully studied Biochemistry at another top university in London.

These academic achievements have fortified by ten years of experience at high quality pharmaceutical and healthcare research and consulting companies.In turn, this has demanded a strong attention to detail and the ability to provide in-depth literature reviews in multiple therapy areas.As well as this, I am accustomed to consulting with clients to better analyse and delineate their requirements and suggest appropriate solutions.DENNIS BERKEY CORPORATE RESEARCH; DATA COMPLIATION, COMPUTER SCIENCE, CRITICAL ANALYSIS With an academic background in computing, I am a keen researcher who enjoys searching through and compiling large volumes of data.I am adept at web scraping and corporate research methodologies, meaning that I am able to provide clear and thorough critical analysis.

This includes essential relationships, social responsibilities, fillings, property, employees and turnover.Thanks to my experience in the world of computer science, I endeavour to obtain information by legal means, including that which is excluded from search sites and databases.SAMANTHA PRESTON LAW; COMPANY BUYOUTS, LEGAL RESEARCH, INTERNATIONAL LAW For many years, I have been providing in-depth legal research for a broad range of clients.Having trained specifically as a corporate lawyer, my experience at a prestigious international firm allowed me to work with clients across the globe.During this time, I primarily focused on company buyouts and energy deals.

Now retired, I employ my wealth of business understanding to advise former clients and provide research reports in relation to the world of business and law.PHILLIP SHAW BUSINESS; CORPORATE LAW, COMMERCIAL LAW, SME MANAGEMENTMy 20 years of experience in business has included starting and running two highly successful SMEs, providing me with a background in the broad world of business.As predominantly a ‘hands-on’ Director, I have built great experience in the day to day running of a company, taking strategic decisions and personnel management.This means that I bring a unique and authentic understanding to any Corporate/Business research.I have supplemented this experience with degrees in Law (LLB and LLM) from top UK universities.

In particular, my LLM specialises in Corporate and Commercial law, considerably expanding my knowledge in the corporate field.My 20 years of experience in business has included starting and running two highly successful SMEs, providing me with a background in the broad world of business.As predominantly a ‘hands-on’ Director, I have built great experience in the day to day running of a company, taking strategic decisions and personnel management.This means that I bring a unique and authentic understanding to any Corporate/Business research.I have supplemented this experience with degrees in Law (LLB and LLM) from top UK universities.

In particular, my LLM specialises in Corporate and Commercial law, considerably expanding my knowledge in the corporate field.JENNA SMITH CHEMISTRY; QUALITY ASSURANCE, VALIDATION, RISK ASSESSMENT Now approaching the completion of my PhD, I have extensive experience in the medical device industry.This ranges from performing quality assurances tests to administrative tasks, which has provided me with a fantastic understanding of QA protocols and audits, risk assessments, ICH guidelines for stability products and GMP/GLP knowledge.As well as this, I have spent time writing technical documentation, including validation reports and standard operating procedures.As well as academic writing, I have found success presenting my research through talks and poster events at industry conferences.

Francis Burns ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES With a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and seven years’ worth of vocational experience, I have worked within various multi-disciplinary consultancies.During this time, I was involved in the compilation of factual and interpretative reports which focused on many aspects of the field.This experience has given me an understanding of both academic and vocational requirements for written work at all levels, helping clients to create, complete, review, and proofread all manner of academic texts.Pearl North HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT; ORGANISATIONAL JUSTICE, EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS, ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR I have attained my MSc degree in Management and Human Resources at the London School of Economics and Political Science.This allows me to specialise in these two disciplines to a high level, gaining refined research abilities and advanced writing skills.

I am particularly interested in the concepts of organisational justice, employment relations, organisational behaviour, organisational theory, reward systems and leadership.Having studied in the UK for five years, I am extremely familiar with the local academic system and what is expected from dissertations, coursework, presentations and essays.Clare Larson LITERATURE; ENGLISH LITERATURE, FILM STUDIES, MEDIA STUDIES I have a Master’s Degree in Film Studies - passed with Distinction - and an Honours First Degree in Film Studies and Literature.I have delivered papers about the Spectator’s Response to films at academic conferences and can provide compelling close analyses of films and books.

I have an extensive knowledge of international literature, film and critical theory, and I particularly like projects where I can apply knowledge from other disciplines - psychoanalysis, philosophy, and cultural studies - to an analysis of any cinematic or literary text.

Julian Cable-Smith ENGINEERING; BUILT ENVIRONMENT, CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT With over twenty-five years’ worth of professional practice in the built environment, I specialise in design management and construction project management.My recent doctorate focused on design management and performance management of the design team within a project context.As well as this, I have written an authoritative text book about design management.I also spend time as a visiting lecturer at BTEC, undergraduate and master’s level.I have worked as an examiner and marker in UK universities, and also as a tutor for a distance learning master’s course.

As such, I appreciate what is expected from each essay paper or dissertation.Lisbeth Walsh HISTORY; 19TH CENTURY MEDICINE, HISTORY OF MENTAL HEALTH, MODERN HISTORY With a soon-to-be-completed Master’s degree in History, as well as an undergraduate degree in the same subject, I have spent many years enhancing my knowledge of the history of medicine.In particular, I focus on the history and legislature as it pertains to mental health, as well as the broader fields of the modern history of America and Europe.Thanks to this experience, I have a terrific understanding of the rigorous demands of academic institutions, as well as what constitutes a fantastically written essay.Micha Clouston HEALTH; SOMATIC PRACTICES, CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE, PHENOMENOLOGY I pride myself on my broad range of research and knowledge, with my most recent MPhil exploring yoga through current notions of ecology and sustainability.

This wealth of expertise has engendered me with a great understanding of the demands of academic research, as well as the importance of skills such as proofreading.Using these abilities, I have helped clients complete and review theses, journals, manuscripts and more.This demands that I approach each project with a high degree of meticulousness, perfecting each and every detail.Oscar Jakes MEDICINE; ANATOMY, PUBLIC HEALTH, PHARMACOLOGY Thanks to my MSc in Public Health, coupled with many years’ worth of clinical and research experience, I have gained a fantastic understanding of the complexities of contemporary medical and health sciences.In addition to this, I have spent a number of years teaching public health as a visiting lecturer.

This has provided me with a fantastic understanding of what constitutes truly excellent academic writing.Lee Perry ECONOMICS; FINANCE, RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENTAL ECONOMICS After earning my MSc in Business Economics, I am now spend time as a researcher in various fields of economics and finance.My chief areas of concern are Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics and Financial Economics.However, my interests incorporate many other subjects within my field, branching out to cover all kinds of economics-related study.Thanks to my academic history, I have a fantastic understanding of essay structure, university guidelines and the qualities which professors require.

Maria Harwood PSYCHOLOGY; RESEARCH, SOCIOLOGY, MENTAL HEALTH With over two years of professional academic writing experience, I have built on my postgraduate degree in order to provide papers and reports to a wide range of clients.As well as this, my work as a clinical researcher has provided me with the time in which to research and publish my own findings.On top of this, I have presented and spoken at international conferences, sharing and exploring my ideas with colleagues and peers.During this time, I have completed over 60 academic papers covering concepts and theories throughout my discipline.Charles Wilson ARTS, HUMANITIES I am a writer with a strong academic background and a creative mind.

My research interests and teaching experience encompasses advertising, music, media and film, though I also have knowledge and have written essays in a multitude of subjects, including psychology and sociology. With a Master's in film studies and a first-class music degree at one of the world's top 20 universities, I am able to edit or produce high quality written work to modern academic standards.Elizabeth Clark LAW My areas of expertise are mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, takeovers regulation, Islamic finance/banking, corporate/financial crime, international financial sanctions, international criminal law, and human rights law amongst others.I have been awarded an LLB and LLM in Law from leading UK universities, and have a thorough and circumspect knowledge of UK law, EU law and international law.My academic career has given me both knowledge of law and essay writing, and my experience as a researcher at a top UK law school working on high profile projects focused on banking regulation and mergers has made me a proficient researcher who can produce work of the highest quality under considerable time pressure.

Laura Thompson ENGLISH AND CREATIVE WRITING With experience of undertaking modules in a diverse range of subjects, I have acquired exceptional knowledge of and interest an in contemporary and classical theories which include philosophy, history, cultural studies, film and literature.Having recently graduated with a first class combined Bachelor’s with honours I have a clear understanding of current academic systems and regulations, as well as high quality proof reading skills.Such familiarity allows me to produce clearly referenced and well-structured writing.I am a good communicator with a history of mentoring and assisting essay writing, as well as being a published writer.Emma Snow CHEMISTRY, BIOMEDICAL CHEMISTRY, NANOTECHNOLOGY My key interest is in health related research which, along with a strong background in solid state chemistry has been the subject of enquiry over my years as a PhD student.

I have further experience in bulk and nanoparticle synthesis of metal oxides as well as application orientated surface functionalization techniques.Further to that my Master’s degree in chemistry with forensic science and toxicology has given me a good background in all areas of chemistry.I have excellent academic presentation and communication skills developed through report writing, publication writing, thesis writing as well as presenting my research through talks and poster events at conferences.I also have experience in teaching undergraduate students and supervision of various Masters level research projects, providing me with further experience in referencing and structuring essay content.

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CATHERINE WRIGHT PSYCHOLOGY, PEDAGOGY, STATISTICS My interests are in providing statistical reports on psychological and pedagogical inquiries, as my personal expertise in the fields of psychology and pedagogy.

I am a psychologist with a Master’s degree in psychology (MSc), and a postgraduate diploma in research.I am also a member of a British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and as such I have theoretical and practical knowledge of programs like SPSS, Statistica, Matlab, E-prime or Qualtrics You have stumbled upon one of the best custom writing services online. If you are stressed by tons of assignments - our professional academic help is here to let you get customized papers at reasonable prices. We work with any assignments even at short notice..I am also a member of a British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and as such I have theoretical and practical knowledge of programs like SPSS, Statistica, Matlab, E-prime or Qualtrics.

Naya Arslan ENGLISH LITERATURE, SOCIOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY My experience is mainly in writing about English literature from 1660 – present, race and racial segregation in the United States, William Shakespeare, film studies, multiculturalism and children’s fiction.I have a degree in English Literature and a wealth of experience in carrying out research, writing and editing academic work at degree level including referencing Your log, which should be developed in conjunction with your personal development plan and record, will help you and your supervisory team to assess your   1) registration of your research proposal (RDC1 form) 2) if relevant, transfer from MPhil to PhD (RDC2 form) 3) annual report on progress (Annual Report form) and  .I have a degree in English Literature and a wealth of experience in carrying out research, writing and editing academic work at degree level including referencing.I also have experience in writing and editing essays in sociology and psychology.

I have an eye for detail which enables me to effectively proofread and perform academic edits.Lucy Smith PHYSIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, MEDICINE My interests are in chemistry, biomedicine and physiology and I have further experience in cell biology, neuroscience and pharmacology.I am a senior research scientist with a PhD in physiology and extensive experience in chemistry and biomedicine and my degree in analytical chemistry has given me a solid foundation in chemistry, physics and mathematics.During the past seven years I have been actively involved in teaching cell biology, neuroscience, pharmacology and physiology modules.

I am well experienced academic and able to fully edit and proof-read students work to a high academic standard, including referencing.

As a research scientist, I have been closely involved in drafting, editing and submission of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals as well as proof-reading students’ reports before they were submitted to their supervisors.Victor Rose ENGLISH LITERATURE, ENLGISH LANGUAGE, CREATIVE WRITING My main interests are in the fields of grammar, linguistics, poetry and literature analysis and creative writing.I was awarded a first class Bachelor’s degree with honours in English language and literature, and I am confident in my abilities to produce academic work and referencing having regularly achieved distinctions for written work throughout my academic career.Furthermore I have had poetry published both in an anthology and in a children's quarterly, have several short stories and a children's book published, as well as having several published articles in magazines.Helen Bennett PSYCHOLOGY, HISTORY, LITERATURE I am currently studying health psychology at MSc level, and so have a clear understanding of what is expected of students both at undergraduate and Master’s level in terms of referencing and content.

I would be interested in a broad range of research interests within the field of psychology and health psychology, I have taken history and literature as electives during my academic career and could easily adapt to work on essays in these subject areas as well.I have studied in top universities both in the United Kingdom and Canada and as such I am very familiar with SPSS and am able to implement APA format confidently in my research and writing.Sarah Reed PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL SCIENCES I am currently a doctorate student in psychology.Over my academic career I have studied clinical psychology, applied psychological work (which takes in psychotherapy), counselling and psychiatry.As such I have a high level of experience and expertise to offer from an academic perspective such as performing analyses of quantitative data and in-depth qualitative data, assisting with literature reviews, critically evaluating articles and journals, as well as completing reports, presentations and essays.

My research regarding participant learning experiences has equipped me with skills of research design, measure creation, and interview analysis.I am interested in various aspects of psychology, and its relationship with both medical and human science; learning, education, pedagogy and personal development.My knowledge of these fields has matured over 20 years of education, training and work experience in social and behavioural sciences as well as the completion of an Master’s degree in social work, which has provided considerable grounding and knowledge in the fields of private and public law regarding children, young people, families and youth justice.ALEX HELLER PSYCHOLOGY; RESEARCH, PSYCHOTHERAPY, COUNSELLING With over fourteen years of academic experience, I have accumulated a significant understanding of both research and applied psychology.I specialise in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy, as well asthe workplace application of psychological perspectives and practices.

This includes personnel assessment and organizational behaviour and development.Having produced work at undergraduate through to doctoral standards, the academic pieces which I produce, edit and review are backed by an in-depth understanding of the skills which are essential at every level of academia.DOUGLAS CLARKE MOLECULAR BIOLOGY; VIROLOGY, BIOINFORMATICS, IMMUNOLOGY I am a PhD graduate from a Russel Group university with expert knowledge in the fields of molecular biology and environmental microbiology.I have attained a detailed understanding of metagenomics andthe analysis of high throughput sequencing data.With authored publications in the academic press, my scientific background is broad, encompassing large areas within the biological sciences.

This includes immunology - particularly with respect to interactions between microbes and their hosts - in addition to genetics and medical microbiology.CECILIA BRIOUDE MEDIA; PERFORMANCE, INTERACTIVITY, SCRIPTING I have recently been awarded a PhD, using my time to analyse and examine the impact of new media on performance.Thanks to this academic experience, I have considerable and contemporary knowledge in the fields of performance, interactivity, media, and ways in which to devise methodologies for ‘practice-as-research’ projects.I am a broadcast scriptwriter across multiple platforms and have worked as a script editor for both film and television.As well as this, I have a great deal of experience teaching scriptwriting and drama at degree level.

CHLOE HIGGS PSYCHOLOGY; RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY, TRANSLIMINALITY Thanks to a vast number of literature reviews and a deep passion for the discipline, I have attained an incredibly comprehensive perspective on religion and spirituality.My studies have specifically focused on an analysis of religion and spirituality's psychological relation to cognition and evolution.I have investigated the possible correlations with personality traits such as creativity, positive schizotypy and transliminality.I consider the connections and intersections between myriad schools of thought, structuring any essays, articles or proposals accordingly with a well-versed and objective writing style.JOHN REYNOLDS POLITICS; MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES, ISLAMIC STUDIES, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS I recently received my research MA from the University of Leeds, with a thesis focused on domestic politics in Egypt and Tunisia.

I specialise in Islamic history and civilization, contemporary Arab domestic and foreign politics, Islamic art and architecture, Arab nationalism, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and much more.Beyond the Middle East, my interests extend to global geo-politics, globalization, political theory, crisis diplomacy, and world history.I provide thorough advice on essay and dissertation structures, referencing, university regulations, and what lecturers expect from all types of assignments.ELIZABETH MORTIMER ANTHROPOLOGY; FOOD & DRINK, LITERATURE, HOSPITALITY I graduated with both a Master's degree in Anthropology of Food and an undergraduate degree in English Literature.I have since forged a successful career in academic writing and journalism, allowing me to publish 11 books.

As a a part-time university lecturer for nine years in three different universities in three different countries, I am particularly experienced in teaching non-native English-speaking undergraduates.Hospitality, food and wine are my core areas of knowledge, but I am also an authority on certain regions of China and South East Asia.MORGAN HOFSTADTER PSYCHOLOGY; NEUROSCIENCE, GENETICS, COGNITIVE SCIENCE With a BSc in Biology and Psychology, as well as three years’ research experience and a Cognitive Neuroscience MSc well underway, I am ideally suited to working across a variety of scientific disciplines and interests.I have worked primarily in the fields of bilingualism, genetic disorders, neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative disease.I am experienced in data analysis, academic writing - including essays, journal articles, research proposals and dissertations - and preparing and delivering presentations, proposals and discussions for industry-orientated conferences and forums.

JANE BRIGHT PHARMACEUTICAL MANAGEMENT; ICT, GOVERNMENT, COMMERCIAL As a successful community pharmacist, I have explored various levels of management in order to better provide simultaneous support operations across a number of stores.My interests cover a wide range of sites, working with both independent pharmacies and large multiple contractors.In addition to both NHS experience and my history as a successful pre-registration tutor, I have previously held a post on the Berkshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee.As well as focusing on my MBA, I am currently studying data analysis and coding technologies in order to better understand the fundamentals of healthcare IT.ELISA SPLENDOR COMPUTER SCIENCE; ICT, STATISTICS, EDUCATION I am a current PhD student at the University of Southampton, focusing on an interdisciplinary poolingof theories from computer science, ICT, statistics and education.

My eventual goal is to develop a model for facilitating effective use of e-learning in higher education.These studies build on both my BSc (Hons) in Statistics and Computer Science and my MA in Computer Science.I was previously a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science in a Ugandan university.Whilst there, I covered subjects such as systems analysis and design, information and systems security, software engineering, research method, and the foundations of ICT.

I was also head of the department’s research section, conducting research in to e-learning, e-Governance, and ICT for education.

Thanks to ten years' experience in academia, I have developed specific skills in technical writing, data collating and analysis with SPSS, critical thinking and reasoning, and quality assurance.MAY JOHNSON BUSINESS; RESEARCH, EDITING, PROOFREADING My experience allows me to produce a high quality range of in-depth business research across a number of different fields, ideal for those needing corroborating evidence for studies, essays and reports at any level.The research which I provide is focused on insight and depth, delivering the evidence and examples which form the foundation of even the most esoteric topics.As well as this, the attention to detail and exacting standards mean that my proofreading and editing are always of the highest quality.Thanks to my business-orientated interests and experience, I help clients across a huge range of related disciplines.

JEFFREY MAXWELL AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE I have an MSc in Applied Science in Agriculture, specialising in animal vision and behaviour.My research encompasses several additional fields of interest, including animal physiology, studies in physics and locomotion, mathematics, business, and agriculture.I have specialist knowledge in equine behaviour and vision including the transmission of ultraviolet light through the cornea, lens and vitreous of the eye.I also have two years’ experience in freelance editing and publishing, so am very well versed in sentence structure and essay composition.I understand the structure and logic of dissertations and research proposals.

I work with writers from many international backgrounds, and am familiar with the difficulties they may face when English is their second language.LAURA LINT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, PHARMACOLOGY, GENETICS, BIOCHEMISTRY, DRUG DISCOVERY, BIOASSAYS, CHROMATOGRAPHY, MEDICINAL PLANTS, MICROBIOLOGY, ANTI-CANCER, IMMUNOLOGY I have a BSc in Microbiology, an MSc in Molecular Biology, and a PhD in Biotechnology, with additional experience working on drug discovery from medicinal plants and in vitro anti-allergic cell signalling, lipid raft disruption, and actin cytoskeletal rearrangement.I have six years R&D experience in immunology and working with radioactive chemicals.I have experience in high-throughput screening techniques, in vitro cell based bio-assays, HPLC, TLC, synergy studies with drug isolates from medicinal plants, western blot, SDS-PAGE, DNA, RNA isolation, protein isolation, cholesterol estimation, fluorescence microscopy, and PCR.I have also worked on drug discovery of anti-cancer compounds and been Editorial Assistant for Advanced Biotech, a popular science magazine.

MARK NICHOLS POLITICS, INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, SECURITY STUDIES I am a published academic educated to PhD level with expertise broadly spanning the fields of Politics and International Studies.I have over ten years’ worth of experience in adult education, both in universities and other Higher Education establishments.I have a particular interest in the field of security studies, my academic skill set being informed by both an active research agenda and over sixteen years of professional experience as a security practitioner.My experience therefore gives me a broad and diverse knowledge base, supported by a proven teaching background spanning first, second and higher degrees.EDITH LUDGATE HISTORY I am a recent MA History graduate with three years' academic proofreading experience.

I have a wide range of research interests in the humanities and have undertaken several interdisciplinary research projects.Subjects I have studied include economic and social history, historical geography, business history, cultural history, sociology, and historical research methods and applications.During my time at university I supervised study groups for other arts and humanities students, as well as proofreading students' work across a wide range of subjects: from history and politics to environmental impact assessment management.This experience has given me a sound understanding of the academic requirements of students up to and including MA level, from short literature reviews through to final dissertations.JAMES WILLIAMS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL ECONOMICS, GEOGRAPHY, INDUSTRIAL POLICIES IN DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES I have twenty years’ worth of working experience in the field of regional development, industrial development, and foreign direct investment (FDI), in both developed and developing country settings.

My PhD is in business development, including small and medium scale industries (SMEs) and FDI.I also expertise in conducting socio-economic research (qualitative and quantitative), data analysis using SPSS, and writing research reports.My research interests also include development of social enterprises, third sector development, and innovation of SMEs.LOKI SALVATOR BIOLOGY, ECOLOGY, UNICELLULAR ORGANISMS, TAXONOMY I have a very broad spectrum of in-depth knowledge in biology, gained in part from studying for the international biology Olympiad in 2009, at which I received a silver medal.Given my fascination with the subject I continue to research biological subjects, even where they are only tangential to my current PhD research project on membrane proteins.

I also have a MSc with Distinction in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford, and so can assist in writing for not only biological subject areas but also more biochemical ones such as macromolecular structure, cell signalling, and energetics.ELIZA MCELROY ENVIRONMENT STUDIES I am a keen environmentalist and have studied a range of both natural and social scientific approaches to environmental research.Years of informal study, including periods of volunteer work in India, have given me a wide range of perspectives on the environment, social justice, and international development.I am experienced in writing scientific reports, essays and articles, and am familiar with the statistical functions of Excel used for the analysis of environmental data.I also have a CELTA, English teaching experience, and possess a deep understanding of the challenges of writing in English as a second language.

GEOFFREY STERLING HEALTH, NUTRITION, ANATOMY, BIOMECHANICS, SPORT PSYCHOLOGY I recently graduated with First Class honours in Sport and Exercise Science, with special expertise in the relationship of the human body and exercise.This experience has also provided me with vast knowledge in such areas as biomechanics, drug development, injury prevention, and nutrition.I have a very fresh and clear understanding of the requirements of current academia at undergraduate level, and fully understand the standard of work expected and the best ways to present one’s findings.As such I am happy to provide model essays or critical feedback upon work in any of these areas.

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RALPH THORENSEN LITERATURE, POETRY, DRAMA With a degree in English Literature and a sensational library of books read over the last thirty years, I am able to provide expert assistance for any project relating to literature, poetry, or drama.

My combination of a lucid writing style with advanced research skills gives me the ability to delve into the heart of a topic, gain a deep insight and understanding, and articulate the results in a clear, concise and engaging manner.I am especially good with work that requires a degree of reflection and subjectivity, but as a Professional Mediator I can also write from a neutral and impartial point of view Should i purchase an laboratory report astronomy plagiarism free Premium CSE British 24 hours.I am especially good with work that requires a degree of reflection and subjectivity, but as a Professional Mediator I can also write from a neutral and impartial point of view.

I am a meticulous proofreader and editor and place considerable emphasis on the ‘flow’ of a piece of writing.When I take on a job I work it and rework it until I am satisfied that it meets the required standard Research Methodology.When I take on a job I work it and rework it until I am satisfied that it meets the required standard.PATRICK BENTLEY MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH I am a medical doctor with an MSc in Public Health Medicine Research Methodology.

PATRICK BENTLEY MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH I am a medical doctor with an MSc in Public Health Medicine.

After an initial career in clinical and public health medicine, I have worked as a medical writer for several years now.My medical knowledge and excellent research skills, together with my methodical and organised disposition, has enabled me to produce high quality documents and reports that have always been greatly appreciated.I am mostly engaged in preparing regulatory documents for the licensing of drugs and medical devices, but also get involved in non-regulatory medical writing at times.As a hobby I also write and publish non-medical articles on general issues.

JULIA WEST PHARMACOLOGY, LIFE SCIENCES With a BSc in Pharmacology and four years’ biotechnology industry experience, I consider myself to be knowledgeable on the ins and outs of biotech research.

With some in vitro technique experience, I believe I am able to analyse and interpret results accurately.I am able to produce clearly written documents in a timely fashion to the specifications required.CYNTHIA KAHN PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, EXAMINING With a wealth of experience within tertiary level education, I have taught for over a decade, catering to students at all levels ranging from GCSE to adult education courses.I also worked as a form tutor for many years, assisting students with university and job applications, CVs and personal statements.I have vast experience in proofreading and marking papers, and am also currently employed as a professional examiner by various exam boards .

MARK FULTON HUMANITIES As a Creative Writing postgraduate I am able to combine analytical rigour and imaginative flair.With experience of working to tight deadlines on a strict schedule, I am a reliable writer with research experience across a broad range of fields, including English language and literature, media related studies, and history.I consider myself exceptionally analytical, with a persuasive and concise prose style.CHRIS SHARP PSYCHOLOGY, MENTAL HEALTH, NURSING, SOCIAL WORK I have a PhD in Psychology and have lectured at a number of UK universities.I am able to assist in a wide range of areas, with particular expertise in clinical psychology and research methods.

I have authored a number of publications in leading journals and welcome the opportunity to help students attain excellence in their studies.I am also very experienced in tutoring, marking essays, and proofreading.KEITH PETERS MEDICINE, CHEMISTRY, PHARMACOLOGY, DRUG DESIGN, PHARMACOKINETICS, PHARMACODYNAMICS As an industry professional with a PhD in Physical Chemistry, as well as a reputable publisher of academic work, I can ensure that the quality of the model reports, essays or dissertation chapters I write are of the highest quality.I also have experience as an editorial consultant and so can ensure that the work meets, and even exceeds, the standards expected.JANE DAVIES CHEMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING I am a PhD student in Chemical Engineering, specialising in environmental engineering.

I have experience working on energy efficiency in buildings and energy production from biomass.I have exceptional research abilities, as demonstratedby my very successful completion of work undertaken for some of my lecturers while I was an MSc student.I am happy to assist with subjects such as environmental management, environmental and chemical engineering, sustainable development, European and UK environmental legislation, and energy efficiency.CAITLIN JACOBS CHEMISTRY Having spent five years studying this subject, I have a wide knowledge of chemistry.My expertise covers a variety of areas including organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry.

I have a good understanding of the theory as well as of the experimental techniques employed in the different fields.I also have experience of collaborating with organisations in order to convey an understanding of chemistry to a non-expert public, and am very skilled in writing for academic purposes (theses, scientific reports, proposals, etc.JULIAN GREEN PHILOSOPHY AND LOGIC I did my undergraduate degree (BA Hons) in Philosophy at the University of York.We were exposed to a wide variety of subjects but I was particularly interested in taking as many modules in logic as possible.

Consequently, about forty percent of my overall degree was devoted to various areas of logic.I later did an MA at the University of Sussex, where my dissertation was in the philosophy of language.I have earned numerous accolades for the quality of my writing from both industry and academia, and have done a great deal of editing of the work of others.My main areas of philosophical interest are in logic, the philosophy of language, the nature of consciousness, and idealism.I am happy to help students in any of these areas and more.

MIKE HARRIS ECONOMICS, ECONOMETRICS, SOCIOLOGY, CULTURAL STUDIES, STATISTICS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, BUSINESS STUDIES A graduate from a top Scottish University with a First-Class MA (Hons) in Economics and a keen interest in a variety of social science and business subjects, I have provided tuition and writing assistance to numerous students over the years.I have a keen eye for detail and a (slight) perfectionist streak, which ensures I approach every assignment with the utmost diligence.ANNE PAI INDIAN HISTORY, PSYCHOLOGY, LINGUISTICS I have attained an interdisciplinary PhD and am interested in a variety of research fields ranging across the arts and humanities.I can assist in studies that involve history, Asian cultural studies, basic psychology, and Eastern language studies.My interest is not limited to these fields and am also quite open to helping with basic level geography, sociology, and environment studies.

MIKE FLYNN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, FINANCE I am the holder of an honours degree in Management Science and Mathematics who has fifteen years of post-graduation work experience in areas such as economics, business and finance.I have written and published numerous articles on each of these topics.ROB SLATER PSYCHOLOGY, MENTAL HEALTH, ALCOHOL MISUSE I am an academic health psychologist with a PhD in Alcohol Misuse.I have worked across health, education and public sectors as a researcher on a wide variety of topics.I have obtained research grants from charitable and government providers, and am the author of over forty academic publications, as well as an editorial board member for five academic journals.

AJ CONNOLLY HUMANITIES I am a recent graduate of Queens University Belfast, with a BA degree in English Literature.I have a passion for the humanities and a wide spectrum of interests, including American fiction, Shakespearean works, and Medieval literature.Subjects for which I can provide assistance include English, history, theology, sociology, and business studies.DEVINA MAI SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS, PSYCHOLOGY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING With over twenty years’ worth of experience in Secondary Education as a Science and Mathematics teacher, and a large number of those years working in Special Education, I consider myself a connoisseur in Special Educational Needs: autistic spectrum, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and various other conditions which can impact on learning.With my psychology background and involvement in a professional PhD in Youth Justice, I am able to assist with a variety of essays, dissertations, and articles in areas as diverse as criminology, psychology, education, health and well-being, and the national curriculum.

LOUISE MACLEOD ENGLISH LITERATURE AND NEUROSCIENCE I have a degree in English and Neuroscience, which, as unusual as it may sound, motivates me to keep an active interest in as many different areas of knowledge as possible, including modern languages, criminology, and film studies.My area of expertise in literature lies within the boundaries of twentieth-century genres, especially postmodernism.I pursed my MSc in Neurobiology in the eras of nervous system diseases, with a focus on research techniques used to combat brain disorders and enhance neuron growth.I am also following current research into multiple sclerosis, which is an area I am hoping to explore in my PhD.

Being a part of the Essay Writing Service UK team means a lot to me, as I know I can personally have an impact on individual performance, as well as help ease the stress that comes with striving to achieve excellence.

KATIE RICHARDS ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, BUSINESS CONSULTANCY AND RECRUITMENT I am a researcher, writer, editer, peer reviewer, and consultant who has been working in the field of Environmental and Social Sciences, Business Consultancy and Recruitment for over fourteen years.KATHERINE GREEN INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS As a graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, I recently submitted my MSc dissertation on the approach of International Human Rights Organizations towards Islamic Law.Throughout the academic year I gained detailed insight into the field of human rights in the context of Islamic law.I am both fascinated by and very well acquainted with the dynamics between human rights and the various forces challenging them.Having studied in the Near and Middle East, I also have in-depth knowledge of this region, with a focus on Israel and the Occupied Territories.

I did my undergraduate studies at the Free University of Berlin in Journalism and Communication Sciences, where I submitted my dissertation on the pros and cons of embedded war reporting.In Berlin I also studied Political Science, and Social and Cultural Anthropology.MICHAEL JAMESON LAW, LEGAL THEORY, POLITICAL SCIENCE As a qualified and practising barrister, my area of expertise is in law.As part of my day-to-day work, I am involved in researching and practising a wide array of legal areas, including crime, tort, employment, company, and family.I have an undergraduate degree in law with politics, and a postgraduate diploma in professional legal studies.

I have a passion not only for studying legal theory, but also assisting students in their academic pursuits.To this end, I also work as a university tutor from time to time.As well as law, I also have a background in political science.I am delighted to be part of Essay Writing Service UK, where I can share the knowledge I have accumulated so far and perhaps learn something new along the way.DAVID SARKISIAN CHEMISTRY I have an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

As a journalist and fiction writer with an academic background in science, I am aware of the demands on students to produce both grammatically perfect prose and sound scientific research.I have produced content for several national newspapers and online magazines, as well as devoting a year to the research and writing of my master’s thesis.I delight in combining my training in science with my passion and talent for writing.SARAH DUPE HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES I completed my BA in History at the University of Arcadia, Pennsylvania, before enrolling at Queen's University, Belfast, where I graduated with an MA in Irish History.While completing my degree I also qualified as a Secondary Education teacher in the Social Sciences.

In order to acquire my certification I was required to complete modules across the social sciences, including Art History, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, and Anthropology.During the past three years I have worked within the Museum and Heritage industry in visitor services and education.I have joined Academic Services because I enjoy writing and reading, and helping others in their academic pursuits.LAWRENCE CAIRNEY ART THEORY I graduated with an MA in Sculpture from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2003.Since then I have exhibited my work in numerous venues and countries (most recently in 2013 in Zadar, Croatia).

I have written press releases for various artists, as well as my own exhibitions, and have considerable academic proofreading experience.For the past three years I have been working with a range of clients on a variety of academic papers, covering topics such as gender and identity representation in new media art, individualism in the neo-liberal eastern European context, and grass-roots alternative art strategies in Britain.My editing services have been particularly appreciated for helping to achieve clarity of argument, a strong individual style, good grammar, and informative contextualisation.CAMILLA GREEN HISTORY, MUSIC, LINGUISTICS My research interests are in History, Music, and Linguistics.As a published author and professional editor, I have many years of experience producing and correcting academic texts, always ensuring perfect grammar, syntax, and spelling.

I understand how writing can be a major hurdle for anyone, even the most intelligent and dedicated students.I have helped students from many nationalities and educational backgrounds present their ideas in the best possible form.I am committed to helping students to improve their writing skills and thereby achieve their real potential.STEPHANIE ROSMAN SOCIAL THEORY, MUSICOLOGY I love putting the skills I developed while pursuing my PhD to work in helping students achieve their potential.I have worked for many years as an editor for a number of academic journals, and know exactly how demanding they can be.

As part of the Essay Writing Service UK’s team I get to employ my academic skills in putting the vwork of students first, helping them to worry less about essay writing and focus more consistently on their learning objectives.Having lived abroad for many years, and know exactly how it feels to be a non-native speaker, trying to make oneself understood.I am also a musicologist and social theorist, and write regularly for journals and magazines on collaboration, performance practices, and creativity.GEORGINA BARLOW MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY, MUSIC PRODUCTION, JOURNALISM AND MEDIA Having earned a BSc in Multimedia Technology and Music Production, I subsequently went on to achieve a MA in Journalism from Napier University.It was here that I developed an interest in theory and law within both media and politics, as well as a real passion for academic writing.

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I now work as a professional proofreader and writer and have been published in a variety of venues.JANE BRANDON MEDIA, JOURNALISM, PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATION I am a qualified teacher with around ten years of experience teaching all key stages in schools and colleges.I also have a degree in journalism and have worked in publishing for both local and national newspapers Professional Academic Writers Essay Writing Service UK.I also have a degree in journalism and have worked in publishing for both local and national newspapers.

I am currently studying for a MSc degree in Educational Psychology, and have an advanced understanding of the academic writing and research standards required for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.EDWARD MORE ENGLISH AND PROOFREADING Having spent most of my life in education I feel a strong affinity toward any and all who pursue academic endeavours, and it is my desire to help them where I can .

EDWARD MORE ENGLISH AND PROOFREADING Having spent most of my life in education I feel a strong affinity toward any and all who pursue academic endeavours, and it is my desire to help them where I can.

The opportunity to work with Essay Writing Services UK has provided me with the opportunity to do just that .The opportunity to work with Essay Writing Services UK has provided me with the opportunity to do just that.As a BA graduate currently pursuing an MA in English, I have developed my proofreading and editorial skills to a very high standard chaos.es/thesis-proposal/order-a-college-cultural-science-thesis-proposal-single-spaced-4-days-college-senior-online.As a BA graduate currently pursuing an MA in English, I have developed my proofreading and editorial skills to a very high standard.My interests are varied and I feel comfortable proofreading essays across a wide range of subjects.I always commit myself to producing the highest quality work of which I am capable.

MIRANDA FULTON MODERN LANGUAGES, EUROPEAN HISTORY AND POLITICS With an MA in Modern Languages and an MPhil in History, I have vast experience writing on topics across the Arts and Humanities, including literature, classical civilisation, modern history, politics, and gender studies.

Fluency in French and Spanish, as well as professional experience as a writer in Brussels mean that I am particularly well-placed to write about European history, politics and society.Experience teaching modules on culture and literature in a university in Chile has also provided me with specialist knowledge of South American affairs.ANNA GRANT LINGUISTICS As a graduate in Linguistics I have a strong interest in all things to do with language.While studying for my master’s degree I worked part time as an English teacher and proofreader, which I greatly enjoyed and excelled at.It was for this reason that I was so eager to work for Essay Writing Service UK, because I knew I would be in good company with people who have high standards like my own.

I truly enjoy helping clients and the challenges that each fresh assignment presents.The work at Essay Writing Service UK is always varied and interesting and allows me to employ my skills to the fullest.ELLA JACOBS ENGLISH LITERATURE When it comes to academic writing, you want someone reliable, consistent, and committed to helping you achieve your goals.Having earned my MA in English Literature from the University of Bristol, I am currently preparing for a PhD at SOAS in London, and so fully understand the pressures and pitfalls of writing at these levels.

My area of expertise is literature, though I also have industry knowledge of the performing arts, music, fine art, art history, and the culture of the Middle East.Aside from academia, I am a published writer with articles and reviews printed in the UK, Canada and the US.I also teach EFL to students across the world.My experience as an editor and proofreader extends from students to writers: I have a naturally high standard of English and my academic writing receives the highest praise.I am flexible and often able to work to very urgent deadlines, so if you are up against the wall, I will try my very best to fit you in! JASON SMITH BIOMEDICAL AND CLINICAL SCIENCES Having many years of experience as a freelance proofreader and academic writer, I am aware of the panic that can set in when deadlines loom and little progress is being made.

I see my role as a proofreader as that of providing essential auxiliary support, especially to students facing the dual challenge of overcoming both the academic and language barriers.Along with my academic experience (I have a BSc Hons from the University of Edinburgh), my proofreading and editing work has enhanced my analytical skills and my strong attention to detail.I am able to provide proof-reading and academic support for assignments that require the critical analysis or appraisal of scientific papers and research across the biomedical and clinical sciences.SOPHIA LAWRENCE BIOCHEMISTRY, CELL BIOLOGY, DERMATOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY With a PhD in Cell Biology, my background is in the Biomedical Sciences.Through the completion of various scientific reports (including a PhD thesis, scientific essays and journal articles), I have developed strong and concise writing skills.

My area of expertise is dermatology, though I also have a broad knowledge of human biology including areas such as genetics, biochemistry, immunology and cell biology.I enjoy writing and always strive to produce work of the highest standard.ALLISON GRAY ENGLISH LITERATURE, JOURNALISM, CULTURAL STUDIES, MUSIC Having graduated with a First-Class BA degree in English Literature and Journalism, I have proven academic merit, extensive essay writing experience, and a keen eye for detail.With a particular interest in cultural, critical and gender studies, I am also well versed in aspects of critical psychology and musicology.As I complete my MA with a view to undertaking a PhD, my skills in academic writing are of the highest importance to me, and I would be more than happy to lend my services to anyone struggling to find their footing within the demanding world of academic essay and dissertation writing.

JOHN SMITH MEDICAL LAW, MEDICAL ETHICS, ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES, MENTAL HEALTH LEGISLATION A Master of Laws in the area of Health and Medicine, I am an expert in the legislative background of medicine.Areas I have studied in depth include medical negligence, intellectual property rights, assisted reproductive technologies, and mental health legislation.Combining my extensive subject knowledge with my intimate understanding of the demands of academic writing, I am confident in my ability to deliver the best model essays at any stage or level.DOMINIC HUGHES ANTHROPOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY, COGNITIVE SCIENCE I have a First-Class BA (Joint Honours) in Comparative Religion and Social Anthropology, and an MA (with Distinction) and PhD, both in Philosophy.I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher, tutor and part-time lecturer at several universities, both in England and the United States.

I have been a Copy Editor, Assistant Editor, Associate Editor, Guest Editor and Referee for numerous academic journals and presses, published several journal articles, and edited or co-edited five volumes of collected papers.I have been acknowledged in dozens of academic publications for my research, writing, and editorial assistance.My principal research interests are in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind, psychology, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience.I am able to undertake work in any of these fields, with a special interest in writing model philosophy essays at BA and MA level.DENISE HOBBS AGRICULTURAL ENTOMOLOGY, STATISTICAL ANALYSIS, SOCIAL SCIENCES I have an MSc (Hons) in Agricultural Entomology.

It has been four years since I started a career writing academic content.During this period, I have mostly worked in the social sciences, including such fields as business management, marketing, finance, psychology, and sociology.During both my university studies and my subsequent career as an academic writer, I have found that the statistical analysis of data and its interpretation are the most challenging tasks for students working on their dissertations.In particular, I have done considerable work in SPSS analysis, guiding many students in completing their dissertations.I have also assisted many students working with qualitative data in the analysis of data through coding, content and thematic analysis.

I am fully committed to providing expert assistance to students struggling with their academic assignments, essays, reports and dissertations whilst working alongside the other professionals at Essay Writing Service UK.JOANNA PARKER MEDIA STUDIES, CULTURAL STUDIES, SOCIOLOGY As a published journalist in such subject areas as environmental health, travel and music, I have a genuine passion for writing.I practise intellectual, journalistic and creative pursuits and have turned to Essay Writing Service UK as a way of keeping myself in the habit of academic writing, and honing my writing skills, in between my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.Having obtained a BA (Hons) in Media Practice with Animation, my interests are wide.My dissertation analysed the media from a feminist perspective, and I am particularly interested in sociology and cultural studies.

Others areas I have studied in depth include art and performance space; news, media and society; professional practice; and visual culture.JAMES GUNN MEDICINE, PHARMACY, PHARMACOLOGY, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, GENETICS, CHEMISTRY With a PhD in Molecular Bioscience and twenty years’ worth of research experience, I consider myself an expert in modern biological and chemical sciences.I also taught for eight years at a British university, covering subjects such as Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry, and Modern Analytical Methods.This experience has given me a clear understanding of current academic requirements for student work at all levels.

As a former lecturer myself, I know what is expected from your essay or dissertation, and what is the best way to present your findings.

This is why I am thrilled to be part of the Essay Writing Service UK team.SYLVIA FLEMING ART HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY & LITERATURE I graduated from the Winchester School of Art in 1996 with a BA in Art History, and have since studied Philosophy and Literature at Cork University.My principal interests are in these subjects, but I also have considerable editing and proofreading experience.This work has made me a very adaptable writer with regard to both subject matter and form.Having been with Essay Writing Service UK for more than a year now, I can recommend them as a highly professional body who strive relentlessly to combine a friendly and supportive customer service with the highest standards of excellence.

If I were in need of it, I would use this service without a doubt, and always look forward to future projects and assignments with them.PAUL FRANKLIN HOUSING STUDIES & MANAGEMENT SCIENCES I am a visiting lecturer in Housing Studies at several universities in London, as well as a housing policy professional.I am the author of numerous articles and books on housing matters.My qualifications include an MA from St.John’s College, Cambridge, a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education), a Diploma in Management Sciences, as well as several professional qualifications in housing.

I enjoy writing and marking assignments, mainly in the housing field, which capitalises on my experience as a lecturer and writer.I really enjoy being a member of the team at Essay Writing Service UK.ANNA REEVES ENGLISH, CREATIVE WRITING, HUMANITIES, SOCIAL SCIENCES I have a First Class Honours degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing, with literature and critical theory as my chief interests.I have also studied Social Science at MSc level with the Open University, mainly focussing on popular culture.I have worked for the online teaching resource TES, writing literary reviews which sometimes involved recording and performing poetry, adding sound effects to make it a multi-media experience.

I have also been published in several collaborative volumes of poetry and short stories.Through Essay Writing Service UK I enjoy supporting students in their professional development, helping them to hone their critical skills and present their work in the best possible light.MARK JACOBSON EARTH SCIENCES, URBAN & REGIONAL PLANNING, JOURNALISM I have a BSc in Earth Science, an MSc in Urban and Regional Planning, and a Diploma in Journalism and Newswriting.I have undertaken two theses, one devoted to structural geology and slope analysis, the other to a comparative analysis of land ownership in Scotland and Botswana.As well as writing for an Irish regional newspaper, I also worked for three years in urban planning, where report writing was an integral part of my role.

I have had articles printed in various publications, including a weekly political magazine, and have proof-read and edited numerous academic theses (one of which was singled out for special commendation at an Irish University).I have made it a career goal to develop a sophisticated command of academic writing, combining an interest in language, precision in grammar, and thoroughness in subject exploration.I look forward to employing my various skills in assisting students with their academic assignments as part of Essay Writing Service UK.LANCE AVERY ENGLISH LITERATURE, FILM STUDIES, CREATIVE WRITING Since receiving my MA in Creative Writing from one of Australia's leading universities, I have worked as a university tutor, a writer for film and theatre, a literature reviewer, and a commercial copywriter.I have studied a variety of arts and humanities subjects, including English Literature and International Cinema.

My core strengths lie in the editing and rewriting process, bringing narrative, shape and form to any piece of writing.As an exceptionally proficient, versatile and adaptable writer, I always aims to deliver work that is not only academically sound and informative, but also crafted to the highest of standards.With an eye for detail, a thought-provoking style, and a passion for words, I take pleasure in making any piece of writing come alive and thoroughly enjoy working for Essay Writing Service UK.KATHERINE HOLDEN HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY, SOCIAL SCIENCES I am currently completing my PhD in Social Science, using a qualitative approach to examine participation within public sector services.With a BSc in Human Physiology and an MSc in Language Pathology, I also have fifteen years’ experience as a qualified speech and language therapist (SLT) specialising in speech disorders related to cleft lip and/or palate.

My academic and professional background has provided me with working knowledge and experience of academic writing across a diverse range of fields, including Physiology, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences, Speech, Language and Communication Issues, Phonetic Transcription (with experience of the use of IPA symbols), and Qualitative Research methodologies.As a result, I am fully cognisant of the many challenges that academic writing presents.I welcome the opportunity to support students in this endeavour, and look forward to working collaboratively with you in this process.James Craig RUSSIAN, EUROPEAN STUDIES & INTERNATIONAL SECURITY I have a broad and varied background in academic research, writing and editing.Having gained an MA in Russian and European Studies and an MSc in International Security, I also have experience of working in communications in the non-profit and corporate sectors.

My special areas of interest are Russian and post-socialist studies and security, but I also have broad interests in the social sciences more generally, as well as in history and geography.I write for a number of different publications and campaign heavily on issues of social and environmental justice.I really enjoy working for Essay Writing Service UK.Ron Griffiths PHARMACOLOGY & BIOMEDICINE I have a BSc degree in Pharmacology and a PhD in Biomedicine.As a freelance writer and editor my speciality is biological and medical sciences, but I am also able to cover a wide range of topics in the life sciences more generally.

Combining highly advanced subject knowledge with a clear and rigorous style of academic writing, I always aim to provide clients with first-class essays for every assignment I write for Essay Writing Service UK.

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Carl Topin Marketing I am a business studies graduate with a professional marketing qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.Having worked in information technology as everything from consultant to managing director, I have a wide range of corporate experience in IT, telecommunications and the services industries more generally.I have also been involved in setting up several successful businesses, both in the UK and abroad Quality academic help from professional paper & essay writing service. Best team of research writers makes best orders for students. Bulletproof company that guarantees customer support & lowest prices & money back. Place with timely delivery and free revisions that suit your needs!.I have also been involved in setting up several successful businesses, both in the UK and abroad.

I have taught English as a second language and prepared students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

As well as my background in business and IT, I also have a keen interest in law and politics.Essay Writing Service UK has provided me with the opportunity to utilise my knowledge and skills for the benefit of academic clients.I respect the thoroughly professional and client-centred approach of the company chaos.es/essay/where-to-purchase-a-public-relations-essay-one-hour-business-master-s-at-an-affordable-price.I respect the thoroughly professional and client-centred approach of the company.University life can be stressful, not least when it comes to writing essays and dissertations, so I welcome the role of Essay Writing Service UK in alleviating some of that stress through the services it provides.

Jackie Evans Environmental Management & Conservation I have undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in environmental management and conservation, and work as a freelance science and environmental researcher.

I have investigated a wide range of subjects from climate-change policy and renewable energy to conservation and zoology.My practical experience of working in these fields has enabled me understand a wide range of subject areas, and I always enjoy exploring new subjects and presenting them to readers.Working with Essay Writing Service UK not only fits in well with the other work I do but also enables me to continue investigating new topics while challenging me to meet the highest standards of academic research and writing.Paul Franklin Housing Studies I am a visiting lecturer in housing studies at several universities in London, as well as a housing policy professional.I am the author of many articles and several books on housing matters.

My qualifications include a PGCE and an MA from St John’s College, Cambridge, as well as a professional qualifications in housing and a diploma in Management Sciences.I enjoy writing and marking assignments, mainly in the housing field, which capitalises on my experience as a lecturer and writer.I love working with Essay Writing Service UK.Paul Thompson Biomedical Science I have a First-Class BSc degree in Biomedical Science and have published numerous articles in the field.I possess excellent academic writing skills and am able to communicate complex information in a clear, well-structured and succinct way.

As a member of the Essay Writing Service UK team, I am dedicated and focused in providing students with precisely what they need in order to earn the class of degree to which they aspire.Jennifer Davies Environmental Engineering, Building Energy & Environmental Performance Modelling I have five-year BSc degree in Environmental Engineering and an MSc in Building Energy and Environmental Performance Modelling.Having both an engineering and architectural background has provided me with the ability to combine the advantages of each in order to become as efficient as possible regarding my main research interest, which is sustainability.The demands of studying for a wide variety of courses within these disciplines has helped me to develop qualities such as flexibility, readiness, awareness, and the ability to adjust appropriately when faced with varying research tasks.Being keenly aware of the difficulties involved in successfully completing academic essays on time led me to join Essay Writing Service UK so that I can assist students in acquiring their degrees and fulfilling their professional goals.

I understand what is required to obtain high grades, and always aim to provide students with the best results with respect to essays, dissertations, and any other projects within my areas of specialisation.Beth Morrow Psychology & Criminology As a Psychology and Criminology graduate, I enjoy researching and writing about a variety of topics within the social sciences.Since working with Essay Writing Service UK I have been able to help many students achieve the grades they were looking for by taking their ideas and transforming them into well-structured, well-argued essays.Although I most enjoy working within the social sciences, Essay Writing Service UK has a large body of writers that collectively cover a huge range of disciplines.It is the breadth of knowledge and expertise that Essay Writing Service UK is able to offer that has earned it the reputation it has gained.

As a writer, I enjoy writing about subjects that interest me, but also working for an organisation that places so much emphasis upon the importance of helping students achieve their potential.Michael Smith Anthropology & Animal Genetics With a BSc degree in Anthropology and an MSc in Animal Genetics, along with a great passion for both writing and research, I am well equipped to handle a broad range of assignments.Prizing as they do time management, discipline, professionalism and quality, Essay Writing Service UK always ensures that projects are researched thoroughly and that highly informative, well-written essays are delivered to their clients on time.James Elliot Design I hold an MSc with Distinction from the University of Leeds and have more than four years writing experience with access to various academic research databases.

Writing is my passion, as it enables me to express my ideas in a professional manner.I am motivated by the desire to acquire new knowledge and advance my professional writing skills.Writing for Essay Writing Service UK gives me with the opportunity to pursue both of these goals simultaneously, developing my writing skills while researching the diverse range of topics presented by clients.My ability to deliver high quality, plagiarism-free orders in a timely manner has earned me credit from many students.Ben Scott Psychology I have a BSc in Psychology from the University of Leeds.

I have a wide range of interests within the discipline and have studied many different sub-fields, including some of the more recent ones such as affective neuroscience, critical social psychology, and evolutionary psychology.I have had the honour of working and studying under some of the best academics in the field, which has further fuelled my academic and research interests.I work for Essay Writing Service UK because it provides me with the opportunity of furthering my knowledge of the subject and keeping up with the most recent developments in the field.It is particularly gratifying to be able to pursue such studies while at the same time helping students who are struggling with their assignments to improve their grades.John Watson Humanities I am a published academic with an interdisciplinary PhD and a long history in teaching.

I have an exceptionally broad spectrum of research interests, encompassing most branches of the arts and humanities, as well as education and pedagogy.Subjects in which I can assist include English, history, cultural studies, sociology, and media studies, though I have also helped with essays in an even more diverse range of subjects, including criminology and the narrative analysis of film.Essay Writing Service UK allows me to satisfy my passion for helping others.Charlotte Devere English Literature I recently graduated with a BA in English Literature.I have always loved writing and covered a number of literary and creative topics during the course of my degree.

I chose to work for Essay Writing Service UK because my experience as a student is still very fresh in my mind and would like to lend a hand to current students who need a little guidance with their essays.I know how hard it can be to structure and write academic papers, and having mastered the art I am always happy to help others who are still struggling.Mike Alderton Economics, History & Biomedical Engineering Alongside a BSc in Economics, a BA in History, and an MSc in Biomedical Engineering, I am currently working towards a PhD in Information Technology, studying and developing computer-assisted learning methods.I consider my work for Essay Writing Service UK both an opportunity for ongoing self-improvement and a source of satisfaction in helping students with their assignments.This way, not only do I become more familiar with a wide range of subjects and disciplines, but I also help others to hone their academic skills, thus bettering their chances of succeeding in the careers they desire to follow.

Darren Jones LLB & Human Rights I have a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and as well as an MA in Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice.I was awarded two Queen's Anniversary Prizes for attaining the highest grades for law essays during my undergraduate years.I specialise in human rights advocacy and my research interests range from the global community's responsibility to protect (R2P) at times of human rights crises to minority and indigenous rights discrimination and the UN’s human rights treaties, instruments, bodies and functions.I am highly competent in providing writing, proofreading and editing services across (but not limited to) the legal/political aspects of human rights work and the undergraduate law curriculum.

I am also able to provide advanced proofreading and editing services as a member of the Essay Writing Service UK team.

I am currently preparing for an application for a PhD in understanding and predicting regional terrorism.Mary Richards Business & Information Technology I have a BSc and MSc in the areas of Business and Information Technology.I have a great passion for technology and have built my career around IT.I have worked across several fields in IT, including academia, aviation, and the software development industry.Working with Essay Writing Service UK has provided me with the opportunity of sharing my knowledge and skills while helping others.

I find satisfaction in knowing that I have been of assistance to someone somewhere.This gives me the motivation to continue working hard to ensure that we all meet our goals.Amelia Patrick Social Work & Social Management I have a BA in Social Work and an MSc in Social Management.Ever since graduating from college, helping people achieve their goals and realise their potential has been a significant part of my life and work.Working with both children and adults in the area of welfare and training has given me the opportunity to learn to adapt to each individual and his or her needs.

Being passionate about psychology, I have also undertaken NLP courses and become a practitioner in this area.Providing academic support for students has become just another way of adding value to the life and development of the people I work with.Working as a consultant for Essay Writing Service UK is a job that I enjoy, bringing me new challenges and rewards with each new assignment, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping others to achieve their goals.Kathleen Richards Law, Business, Economics and Accounting As a qualified UK solicitor and part-time lecturer in the areas of law, business, economics and accounting, I am able to combine academic expertise with real life experience.Over the years I have been involved in marking coursework at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, so have a good understanding of the criteria examiners’ use when marking student papers.

My particular areas of expertise include commercial law, contract law, employment law, business management, accounting, leadership and management, business strategy, as well as all core subjects for the LLB syllabus.I also have the added skill-set of being able to assist with the skills units of the LPC – something which can often trip students up.Prior to returning to the academic world to teach I was involved in the training and development of junior staff members and other clients, ensuring that I have the ability to communicate both written and orally with any audience.I particularly enjoy assisting students who are re-sitting their exams or who require additional assistance in understanding business or legal concepts.I really enjoy providing LPC Writing Services for Essay Writing Service UK.

Lisa Ray Computing Having achieved an MSc with Distinction in Advanced Computer System Development, I was the recipient of an exceptional grant from my university enabling me to continue research studies in my areas of interest.I have since completed a PhD specialising in Semantic Web technology, which covers wide areas of database management systems, web services, human/computer interaction, and ontologies.As my first degree was in chemistry and my second in computing, I have found bioinformatics a great way to utilize both fields, and so have also written extensively in this area.As well as my work for Essay Writing Service UK, I also work in industry as a Senior Web and Database Analyst and IT consultant.I also have extensive knowledge of products and technology related to advanced web and mobile technologies.

Jack Frost History & Sociology I am currently doing PhD research on political instability in Africa.Having attained a BA in History and Sociology (London University) and an MA in Political Sociology (University of Birmingham), I have developed advanced research and academic writing skills.Working with Essay Writing Service UK has given me the opportunity to put my expertise into practice while helping students with their academic careers.This work has exposed me to a variety of disciplines and projects, which not only helps to inform by PhD research but also enables me to sharpen my academic writing skills.I aim to deliver quality essays each and every time.

Bethany Wilson Literature Having graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a joint honours degree in German and Literature in a World Context, I am currently taking a short break from studying before I go on to my studies at postgraduate level.The areas of particular interest to me are modern German and Modernist literature, and I am especially interested in the works of Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, and Virginia Woolf.Having written my undergraduate dissertation on humour in Kafka, I am currently in the process of editing it for publication.I also spent some time in Germany as a student at the University of Cologne, mainly studying German and English literature.I am keen to take on any work relating to these or related fields whilst working for Essay Writing Service UK.

Sarah Akers Psychology I have a BSc and MSc in Psychology, and intend to undertake doctorate research in the near future.I have extensive experience working in the field of mental health as a support worker and trainee psychotherapist, both in the UK and the US.I have been working as a freelance writer and researcher for several years now, thereby honing my academic essay writing skills while at the same time helping students who are struggling to write their papers.Apart from psychology, I also have a keen and active interest in sociology, anthropology, education, social work, and philosophy.I love working for Essay Writing Service UK as I get to work with a variety of interesting people.