Scope and purpose of the work: Is it an overview, persuasive, editorial?TimelinessComparison of the work with others dealing with the same topic or others in your Works Cited listIntended audienceBrief summary of contentsEvaluation of research: Is the work logical, clear, well-researched? Were the sources the author(s) used credible? Impressive?Evaluation of author bias or lensRelative value of the work to the research question or thesisExample of an evaluative annotation:Katz, Jon. Katz, contributing editor of Wired and the author of Geeks, presents a compelling argument for safeguarding the rights of children online. The article is aimed at a general, but computer-savvy, audience.

Katz offers a far more liberal perspective than recent pieces in such major news journals as Newsweek, which warned the public of the dangers children face in electronic environments.

Katz advocates the idea of preparing the "responsible child" and outlines the rights of such a child Burma education fund steps to the better research paper writing • Homepage Strong research paper proposal • Paper methodology sample • Topics for college for biology research papers • English research paper topics • Criminal justice .

He claims that our new "digital nation" requires a social contract similar to the one proposed by philosopher John Locke and adopted by the founders of our own country to protect the rights of all citizens. This comprehensive, distinctive, liberal view added needed balance to my project.

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