Thesis Proposal Guidelines PhD in Anthropology and SociologyYour application for a PhD in Anthropology and Sociology should be accompanied by a proposal (maximum five pages or 1,500 words) that clearly outlines the theme and relevance of the research, the theoretical debate in which the research is situated and the research questions. Please ensure that your proposal indicates a potential methodology, as well as knowledge of current debates and discussions in the field.

We encourage you to apply after carefully considering your proposal's fit with our department's conceptual approach and our faculty's interests and geographical areas of research. PhD in International Economics or Development EconomicsYour thesis proposal should identify the specific topic of research you intend to pursue and demonstrate familiarity with recent developments in the discipline.

The proposal should include: 1) A brief description and motivation of the issue; 2) A summary of the academic literature, with a clarification of how the proposed research would add to existing knowledge; 3) An outline of the specific steps of the research project. The outline should include the main component of the theoretical model to be developed (if applicable), as well as the econometric approach proposed in the empirical components, including the data sources to be used.

The overall proposal should not exceed three pages. PhD in International HistoryThe proposal for a doctorate in International History should set out clearly and cogently a topic and a research question.

Specifically, the proposal should indicate (i) ​​the intellectual importance of the question, (ii) the relevant historical context(s), (iii) the nature and scope of the existing literature on the given topic, (iv) what the proposed research will contribute in addition to the existing literature and (v) what sources and methods will be used. An initial synopsis of 1,000 to 2,000 words with a select bibliography is welcomed.

Candidates are also encouraged to approach a prospective supervisor to discuss and define further their research ideas.

PhD in International Law15-20 pages with the identification of the research questions and an outline of the main building blocks of the research plan; a literary review (existing literature on the subject and an evaluation of the added value of your proposed research); relevant case law (if applicable); a section on methodology (how you intend to carry out the research, according to what criteria); and, finally, a bibliography that demonstrates your knowledge of the field Your application should be accompanied by a research proposal (maximum five pages or 1,500 in order to ensure that your proposed topic and regional area of research are in PhD in International Economics or Development Economics..

The thesis proposal should cover the following areas in three pages (maximum):Your research interests; The specific question or topic you would like to pursue; A brief explanation of how this research topic pertains to a specific field in political science and its literature, as well as the expected contribution it will make; Why the Graduate Institute and the PhD programme in International Relations/Political Science are a good fit for pursuing your research.